A choropleth paints a thousand words

Geospatial data visualization GeoPandas Merging GeoDataFrames and Pandas DataFrames Choropleth maps color code geographic regions according to numeric values. They are an impactful way to display variation in a variable between regions. The Python package GeoPandas combines pandas and Shapely, a package for manipulating points, lines and polygons. It also depends on Fiona for file… Read More A choropleth paints a thousand words

Visualizing land use with Seaborn

DataFrame filtering & subsetting. Dictionary from lists DataFrame.query() Relational plots using .relplot() Categorical plots using .catplot() Distribution, swarm and scatterplots Ensuring global food security is number 2 of the 17 UN Sustainable development Goals that are part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The worlds population is currently 7.8 billion, 60 years ago it… Read More Visualizing land use with Seaborn